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Soccer Tennis (Seniors)

Soccer Tennis (Seniors)

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Soccer Tennis for Seniors
One of the best methods to develop one's touch is to include it in a fun, game-type setting with little or no pressure from opponents. Thus, players and coaches all over the world invented the hybrid game of Soccer-Tennis. Everything you need to learn about technical skill and ball control is incorporated therein. Players can concentrate on finding teammates with controlled, directional passing, and develop an eye for placing the ball between opponents to split a solid defense.
  • Develops precise touch on the ball
  • Develops anticipation and forward\tthinking (foresight)
  • Increases foot/eye coordination
  • Promotes communication
  • Offers numerous repetitions for increased learning
  • Restricts pressure from opponents
  • Promotes creativity with kicks and passes
  • Forces player to utilize different parts of the body (including head, chest, thigh, and feet)
  • Enables players to search for open spaces in the opposing side of the field and exploit them
  • Net size 9300mm x 1300mm
  • Pole length 1400mm